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Starfield is an epic science fiction adventure that yearns to expand into other media, such as movies. Although we have yet to see a real Starfield movie, Bethesda has already dipped its toes into the realm of cinema with a series of animated shorts, as well as one epic live-action trailer. Here’s a complete overview of all Starfield movies.

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Starfield: The Settled Systems – A Starfield Animated Anthology

To introduce players to the universe and acquaint them with the most important cities, factions, and history, Bethesda released a series of animated stories offering a glimpse into the Starfield universe. This series includes three videos: “Supra et Ultra,” “Where Hope is Built,” and “The Hand that Feeds.”

Supra et Ultra

Supra et Ultra” takes place in the city of New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies. Kent, a courier pilot, signs up with the UC Vanguard. As he works his way up to the Capital’s elite, Kent realizes that real adventures await him off-planet.

Where Hope is Built

Where Hope is Built” features Vanna, an Akila City orphan who lost her parents during the Colony War. She desperately wants to explore the stars, and the only thing standing in her way is her broken ship. Her search for repair parts leads her throughout the city.

The Hand that Feeds

Ada and Harper, two Neon street kids, make a living by stealing from wealthy partygoers who come to the cyberpunk capital of Starfield. When Ada is forced into a moral dilemma, she catches the attention of the megacorp Ryujin Industries, creating new and exciting opportunities.

Starfield Official Live Action Trailer

Alright, this is not exactly a Starfield movie, but this astonishing live-action trailer, created to celebrate Starfield’s upcoming launch, gives us a glimpse of what a real live-action movie based on Starfield might look like. It’s certainly worth watching. We certainly would not say no to a feature-length Starfield movie if it looked anything like this!

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