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Starfield Timeline – Everything in Chronological Order

Starfield is a vast new universe, created by the same people who brought Skyrim and Fallout 4 to life. Naturally, there is a lot of history to discover within this universe. However, depending on the quest you have or have not yet completed, placing all the lore in a broader perspective might be challenging and confusing. That’s why we created this simple yet informative Starfield Timeline, breaking down the most important events in the three-hundred-year history of the Starfield universe!

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2050 – 2160: Expanding among the stars

Although humanity has been a spacefaring species since the 1960s, in Starfield, humanity truly expands among the stars starting mid 21st century. In 2050, humans first arrive on Mars. A little over a hundred years later, in 2156, humans arrive in Alpha Centauri, 4.37 light-years away from Earth. This leads to the United Colonies being established in 2159, with New Atlantis as its capital in the years to follow.

Starfield Timeline Expanse

2160 – 2196: Further expanding and fragmenting

Humanity doesn’t stop after colonizing Alpha Centauri. Humanity keeps expanding, with Solomon Coe settling in the Cheyenne System in 2167 and founding Akila City. The Freestar Collective is officially formed in 2189, while the United Colonies try to expand among new, unaffiliated systems, raising tensions throughout the universe.

2196 – 2311: The Narion War and Colony War

Rising tensions eventually lead to the start of the Narion War in 2196. The war drags on for twenty years, with the Treaty of Narion finally signed in 2216. However, further expansion of the Freestar Collective eventually leads to another war in 2307: The Colony War. After a few years of conflict, the Colony War comes to an end with the Battle of Cheyenne in 2311, and the galaxy returns to relative peace once again.

Starfield Timeline Freestar Akila

2311 – 2330: Constellation grows and recovers the first Artifact

While Constellation was already formed in 2275 by Sebastian Banks, the group of extraordinary explorers truly takes off after 2311. Sarah Morgan, Walter Stroud, Vladimir Sall, Matteo Khatri, Sam Coe, and Andreja all join Constellation in the years to follow, and Barrett finds the original Artifact in the Constellation Archives, where it was tucked away since 2310. In 2328, Constellation purchases a Starstation called The Eye, making deep space scans possible.

2330: Starfield begins

In 2330, an unnamed miner uncovers a second Artifact on the moon Vectera, in the Narion system. This sets in motion the story of the video game Starfield. The three animated shorts of Starfield: The Settled Systems – A Starfield Animated Anthology also take place in or around this time.


This Starfield Timeline has been composed with as much care as possible. Nevertheless, an error may have crept into our chronological order. Are you an even bigger Starfield fan than we are? Please contact us and tell us what we did wrong!

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