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Horizon 2074 (Netflix TV Series) – Everything we know so far

A Horizon TV Series is currently being developed by Netflix, probably called Horizon 2074 or just Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony confirmed the series back in May 2022. Although the television series was only briefly mentioned during the Sony Business Briefing, an event for investors, more and more details surfaced following the announcement. Read on to learn everything we know so far about the Horizon Netflix Series.

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What will be the official title of the Horizon Netflix Series be?

It is yet to be officially confirmed, but ‘Horizon 2074‘ is suggested as the official title of the Horizon TV Adaption. GiantBomb’s Jeff Grubb was the first to mention the title, and the same title was later confirmed by the Directors Guild of Canada. Sony and Netflix haven’t commented on the title yet.

In an interview with showrunner Steve Blackman, the series is referred to as simply Horizon Zero Dawn, like the first game, although it is unclear whether that will be the definitive title.

Horizon Netflix TV Series
Horizon Forbidden West

What is the Horizon TV Series about?

If the first rumors about the title are true, the TV Series will take us back to the year 2074. For reference, Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West take place around the years 3040/3041. A setting in the year 2074 would mean it takes place during or right after the downfall of human civilization, of which so far we’ve only seen the aftermath in the video games. According to the same rumors, part of the series will take place during Aloy’s time, so we might see two sides of the story, probably switching back and forth.

It also seems the series is not a reboot for the series, nor a stand-alone adaption of the video games, but rather a direct tie-in to the canon from Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, clarifying things that happened in the video games.  

If the series is indeed just called Horizon Zero Dawn, it might be a direct adaption of the first video game, possibly including flashbacks to 2074.

Who is working on the Horizon Netflix Series?

Steve Blackman (The Umbrella Academy) is confirmed as showrunner, with Michelle Lovretta (The Umbrella Academy, Killjoys) as writer.

According to the Directors Guild of Canada, some other very interesting people are also involved in Horizon. The list includes, but is not limited to, first assistant director Jack Boem (The Boys, What We Do in the Shadows), second assistant director Adam Bocknek (The Boys, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City), and art director Michele Brady (The Expanse, Warehouse 13).

Who will play Aloy in the Horizon Netflix Series?

According to Steve Blackman, Aloy will be the main character in the story. He describes her as a “a young female warrior, […] who has no idea she’s the key to saving the world.”

Aloy in the video games is based on the Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra (see picture below). Although she mostly did Dutch productions, Hoekstra also featured in a few international productions, including Charlie’s Angels and How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Aloy was voiced by the more internationally renowned Ashly Burch, although she mostly did voice over work for video games like The Last of Us Part II, Borderlands, and Life is Strange. Whether one of the two actresses is involved in the Horizon TV Series, or if they will cast an entirely new face and voice, is currently unknown.

Horizon Aloy Actress Hannah Hoekstra
Hannah Hoekstra, the face of Aloy

When will the Horizon Netflix Series come out?

It is unknown when the tv series will be released. So far, only the existence of tv adaption is confirmed, so it will take a while before we can actually watch the Horizon TV Series on our own television. If we had to guess, we say somwhere in 2024 or even later.

Where can I watch the Horizon TV Series?

It seems Sony is specifically developing the series in partnership with Netflix. This will undoubtedly land Netflix the exclusive rights to steam the television series. Luckily, Netflix is available worldwide, so all Horizon fans will be able to tune it as soon as the Horizon TV Series airs.

Will there be a second season for the Horizon Netflix Series?

It is currently unknown whether the Horizon TV Series is meant as limited series, or an ongoing series.

Horizon Netflix TV Series 2
Horizon Zero Dawn

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  1. Will need a younger actress and probably a child actress for the first couple of episodes until Aloy grows into a young woman/warrior. If there’s any home of multiple seasons, we need an actress who won’t outgrow the role.

  2. One question. How can Aloy be in it? With the years you stated the games take place, she shouldn’t have been born yet.

  3. It can’t be named horizon 2074 because everyone on earth is dead in 2074. because of the faro plague which happened in the 2060s. Much more likely it will be called horizon 2047 because that takes place before the fall of civilization.

  4. Just to correct an error in your article, Horizon Forbidden West is set 6 months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. It is stated in the opening chapter of the game.

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