Horizon Game Series Timeline

Horizon Timeline – Everything in Chronological Order

The Horizon Game Series is best known for its two major installments: Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. But the Horizon series doesn’t stop there. The game series also consists of an ongoing comic book series, and even a board game. With the comic books and board game further expanding the universe, it might be hard to determine the chronological order of Horizon and where to start. That’s why we created this Horizon Timeline, including all Horizon games in order, as well as all tie-in media.

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We’ve arranged all media in the Horizon series in chronological order as far as possible. However, due to flashbacks, time jumps, or stories that take place over a longer period of time, that’s not always feasible. In that case, we use an order that is as logical as possible.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Timeline

The original hit video game Horizon Zero Dawn was released in 2017, developed by Guerrilla Games exclusively for PlayStation 4. It was later that year followed by the expansion The Frozen Wilds. The game was released on pc in 2020, including the expansion. Although it is up to players to decide when exactly they will play the story of The Frozen Wilds, the events canonically take place before the main game’s end.

In 2020, the Horizon Zero Dawn comic book series kicked off. Its first arc, The Sunhawk, takes place after the game. The second story arc however, Liberation, takes place during the events of the game. The comic book series is written by Guerrilla Games’ narrative director Ben McCaw and writer Anne Toole.

Although it’s not story-heavy, the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game was created to be canon compliant and is set in the same world as Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon 2 Forbidden West Timeline

In 2022, Guerrilla Games ushered in a new chapter with the release of Horizon Forbidden West for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Horizon Forbidden West takes place six months after the end of Horizon Zero Dawn. The VR game Horizon Call of the Mountain takes place somewhere between Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, as Aloy is on her journey to the west. A third game in the series featuring Aloy was confirmed just after Guerrilla Games released Burning Shores, yet its name and setting remain unknown for the time being.


A Netflix Series based on Horizon was announced in 2022. It is unknown when the series will take place or if the series will take place in the same canon as the video games. Nevertheless, we wanted to mention the upcoming Horizon Netflix Series in our overview of Horizon media.

The video game Lego Horizon Adventures was announced at Summer Game Fest 2024 for PlayStation 5, pc and Nintendo Switch. The game features familiair characters from the main Horizon games, but it seems unlikely the video game is considered canon. As of yet, this is not confirmed.

This Horizon Game Series Timeline has been composed with as much care as possible. Nevertheless, an error may have crept into our chronological order. Are you an even bigger Horizon fan than we are? Please contact us and tell us what we did wrong!

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