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Halo: Epitaph announced

Halo: Epitaph will be the next novel in the long-lasting series of Halo books. The title was confirmed during a live panel at the Halo Championship Series. Halo: Epitaph is written by Kelly Gay, who previously wrote various Halo books including Halo: Rubicon Protocol and Halo: Point of Light.

Halo: Epitpah will revolve around The Didact, who is also seen on the cover of the book. The Didact was the main antagonist in Halo 4, but wasn’t featured in any of the later games. He only briefly appeared in the comic Halo: Escalation. According to Alex Wakeford, Halo Community Writer at 343 Industries, the book will take place after Halo 4 and Halo: Escalation. More details are forthcoming.

It is not yet clear when Halo: Epitaph will be available. We expect the novel somewhere in the first half of 2023.

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