Gears of War Timeline – Everything in Chronological Order

Gears of War Volgorde

The chronological order of Gears of War isn’t always obvious. Although the games are clearly numbered, dozens of books and comics fill the gaps in in between. Together , they make up the Gears of War universe. With so many different media, you might lose sight of what really matters. That’s why we explain the order of Gears of War’s books, comics and, of course, the games. This is our Gears of War Timeline .

We have arranged all media in the Gears of War universe in chronological order, as far as possible. To keep it somewhat understandable, we don’t treat flashbacks, like at the beginning of Gears of War 4, separately. When something happens at the same time, such as Gears of War 2 and the comics The Quickening and Harper’s Story, we use the most logical order to read/play. Main games are in bold.

The Gears of War Timeline can be divided into three eras:

  • The Pendulum Wars
  • The Locust War
  • The Swarm War

Do you want to see everything in one era? Or, for example, only games? Use the search function of the table below. E.g.: ‘Pendulum Wars’ gives you everything from that period, ‘Book’ gives you all the books.

ComicGears of War: They Also ServePendulum Wars2011
ComicGears of War: UnseenPendulum Wars2011
ComicGears of War: UnsaidPendulum Wars2011
ComicGears of War: Promise MePendulum Wars2011
GameGears of War: JudgmentLocust War2013
BookGears of War: Judgment: Kilo Squad: The Survivor's LogLocust War2014
GameGears of War: TacticsLocust War2020
ComicGears of War: The Rise of RAAMLocust War2018
Game (DLC)RAAM's Shadow (Gears of War 3)Locust War2011
BookGears of War: The SlabLocust War2012
GameGears of War (Ultimate Edition)Locust War2006
BookGears of War: Aspho FieldsLocust War2008
ComicGears of War: HollowLocust War2008
ComicGears of War: One DayLocust War2009
ComicGears of War: BarrenLocust War2009
ComicGears of War: MidnightLocust War2010
GameGears of War 2Locust War2008
Game (DLC)Road to Ruin (Gears of War 2)Locust War2009
ComicGears of War: The QuickeningLocust War2009
ComicGears of War: Harper's StoryLocust War2009
ComicGears of War: Dirty Little SecretsLocust War2011
BookGears of War: Jacinto's RemnantLocust War2010
BookGears of War: Anvil GateLocust War2010
BookGears of War: Coalition's EndLocust War2011
GameGears of War 3Locust War2011
Game (Bonus)Aftermath (Gears of War: Judgment)Locust War2013
GameGears of War 4Locust War2016
BookGears of War: AscendanceSwarm War2019
GameGears 5Swarm War2019
ComicGears of War: HivebustersSwarm War2019
BookGears of War: BloodlinesSwarm War2020

This Gears of War Timeline has been put together with as much care as possible. However, it is possible that an error has crept into our chronological order. Are you an even bigger Gears fan than us? Please contact us and tell us what we did wrong!