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First full trailer Halo TV Series released

Paramount Plus released the first full trailer for the Halo TV Series today. The trailer was aired during the AFC Championship Game and released simultaneously on Twitter as well. Watch the trailer below.

The trailer shows us a lot. First, there is more footage of Master Chief John-117, played by Pablo Schreiber. There’s also more of Silver Team, a brand-new Spartan Fireteam specifically created for the television series, consisting of Vannak-134, Riz-028, and Kay-125. We see Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, and get our first glimpse of Cortana portraited by Jen Taylor. There are also brief shots of some Covenant forces.

Finally, the trailer gives us a little more insight into the series plot. It seems Master Chief uncovers some sort of Forerunner device that will lead humanity to the titular Halo Ring, which should help humanity win the war against the Covenant.

Silver Timeline

As explained earlier, the Halo TV Series will take place outside of the Halo Core Canon and introduce its own Silver Timeline, which will follow roughly the same story but diverge at some points. The way Master Chief will uncover the first Halo ring, for example, is different from how it happens in the video games.

The Halo television show will arrive on March 24, 2022, exclusively on Paramount Plus.

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